Our Story

Heather Moore, a friend of Iva-Mary, lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatment. She didn’t want to wear her wig all the time but didn’t like being bald. Together, trying different ideas these two great friends created Heather’s Hair.

The concept was enormously helped when a lady called Mariella saw a Heather’s Hair display in the Totnes Costume Museum. She so loved her alternative hairpiece that she agreed to join the team. Her own experience of hair loss and contacts has been an inspiration and guiding light for Heather’s Hair.

We have since been joined by Elke our hairstylist, Sue who designs our leaflets and Yvonne who now makes our weaves.

We are extremely grateful for all their hard work which makes Heather’s Hair possible.

Heather’s Hair is available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for orders and inquiries. We will endeavour to dispatch your weave within a week.